Early Childhood iPad Immersion



Tell-Show-Do Method
Taking Pictures and Video
Accessibility features
Creating WebApps



Photo Shop Express
Doodle buddy
PuppetPals HD
RagDoll Blaster 2
Dragon Dictation
Motion Math


Can choose basic transitions or “themed” transitions
Record a video using the camera icon. Click the use button in the bottom right and your clip will now show up under your edit view. In order to trip the clip, tap the icon and a yellow box will show up around it. Grab the ball above either end to trim either end of the clip.

Grab a clip from the library at the top left. Browse and tap on the one you want. Grab the ball at either end to change the selection you want to insert into your project. Click the blue down arrow when you are ready to insert the clip.

Double tap a clip (once it has been added) to pull up the clip settings.

Select a clip. Place the play head (red line) into the clip where you want to split it, and then drag your finger down the play head to split it.

To add a title double tap the clip, tap the title option, set the option you want and then type in your title text to the window above.

Double-click on transition button. This will allow you to fine-tune your cross dissolve as to when you want it to start or end.

Vertical pinch can get you into fine-tuning mode. Horizontal pinching will zoom you into your scenes.

Use the gear button to chance your project settings, including picking a theme.

Trim clips in viewer and then drop into project.
Changing to photos in the viewer, just click on photos and have the clips drop in.
Narration - Will back up and give you a countdown before you record. You can retake, review, and accept.

To delete any item, just drag and drop it off the screen and *poof* it will disappear.

You can share you final projects in AirPlay


Nook Kids
Discovery Channel

Remmi - the culinary kid

Create your Apptivity