Wednesday June 1 - 9:00am to 4:00pm at Hal Peterson Middle School

Evaluation Form - Attendees fill out to help us plan Techpalooza 2.0
Responses = summary of responses to the Evaluation Form

Interaction Activity Summary

Questions with answers from individuals:
What do you consider to be the best lesson you have taught?
Being Human (respect, compassion, acceptance); Civil war for Dummies; Conjugating Verbs; Love Jesus with all your heart; Graphing Multiplication Perimeter; Create your own Business; Number Sense: where #s are on a 100 chart; To respect others - the value of good sportsmanship; Word origins - connections between languages; Brushstroke writing lesson; Learn from your mistakes; Probability using Polly & Patch by Steig; How to accept "no" as an answer; Phillips Curve; Manners; Making personal connections with books; and You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but not your friends' nose.

If you were a prescription drug, what would be your main side effect?
Sleeplessness; Loud excessive laughter; OCD; leg cramps; dizziness; irritability; drowsiness; hyperactivity; hallucination; nausea; hysteria; smart aleck; no hunger pains; zombie; energy; eat too much; happiness; increased memory; no pain; total glee; sleep; weight loss; memory loss; numbness; ringing in ears; bleeding; boring; feeling no pain; hysteria

What movie can you NOT believe everyone loved?
My Fair Lady; Field of Dreams; Secret Life of Girls; Thornbirds; Hangover; Amadeus; PS I Love You; Fargo; Sound of Music; Grease; The Piano; Gone with the Wind; X-Men; Stripes; Patch Adams; Pentagon Papers; Eragon or the Last Airbender; The color Purple; Waterworld, Lonesome Dove; Slumdog Millionaire; Napoleon Dynamite; Pretty Woman; What's Eating Gilbert Grape; Toy Story; Sophie Scholl; Stepbrothers; Hello Dolly!; Sound of Music; The Matrix; Hoosiers

What did kids tease you most about growing up?
Being fat; Glasses and for being the teacher's pet; my last name; being the best athlete and a girl; my hair; nothing; nerdy; ears; wart head; being short; I was called Rolo; braces; my hair!; fat; being short; accent; ears; red hair and freckles; beard; last name; voice and the way I talk; my nose; freckles and curly hair; hanging on the monkey bars; my singing; "Bonesy Jonesy"; my very high voice; terrible teeth - they called me "fang"; that I was skinny; less smart than my siblings; being a tomboy; they knew better than to tease me; I was a geek OMG, LOL!; being handsome

Considering your usual luck, you stumble across a treasure chest. What would you expect to find in it?
Dirt; Wasps just coming out of hibernation; $$; Money; Time capsule; many small pets; empty; Monopoly money; pennies; a sad, sad note; candy; outdated lottery tickets; brass coins; my wife; gold; good memories with friends; mud; useless jewelry; Johnny Depp!; fun stuff; treasure; old unpaid bills; fake jewelry; the Tooth Fairy with all the teeth and no money; gold; puppies; mothballs; rocks; its locked; photos; a genie named Joel; food; an old boot and a broken bottle

Outside of education, what do you consider as your greatest skill?
Determination & Perseverance; motherhood; shopping; singing; artistry; problem solving; parenting; sleeping; video gaming and pwning noobs in arena matches; creativity; comedy; catfish noodler; power tools; organization; time management; snare drummer; cooking; games; dime store counseling and DJ; friendship; listening; I'm a people person; communicating

What item are you consistently losing?
Technology - howto Notes; time; glasses; remote; cell phone; patience; keys; pens; name tag; bookmarks/favorites; sunglasses; my mind; my left shoe (I have a house full of right ones); lists; camera; my bills; my drink; pens;

What athletic activity/event are you not exactly ready for?
mountain biking long distance; swimming; marathons; sky diving; yoga; tennis; basketball; not ready for any of them; iron man; high jump; pole vault; running; anything that involves falling from high places; hockey; track rapture; mountain climbing; anything with a bouncing ball; bungee jumping; running long distances; water ballet; all; cricket; basketball, just name one; anything involving athletics; hurdles; cross-country

If you could be an expert at one style of dance, what would it be?
2 step; zumba; dancing with the devil; drop, pop & lock; tango; ball room dancing; tap; country & western; salsa; jazz hands; tap; interpretive dance; ballroom; breakdance; swing; hip hop; fake hip hop; ballet; twist; cumbias; jitter-bug

What profession do you admire but you would never want to do?
PreK teacher; veterinarian; nurse; surgeon; dentist; doctor; psychologis; BIP FLU teaching; lawyer; principal; custodian; medical drs; brain surgeon; superintendent; ECI; EMT; vet; psychologist; firefighter; movie star; pediatrist; mortician, CEO

What is one word you don't know the definition for?
STAR Test; techpalooza; ion; conjunction; scion; chemistry; crunk; collant; technology; coyed; just name one; conjuncto; ortho something; computer defragmenting; pie; quin; back channel; verisimilitude; disestablishmentarianism; discombobulated

What rule of manners when eating seems ridiculous?
eating with fingers; no elbows on table; all the silverware choices!; using the right fork; hands in your lap; place-settings; utencils; stay at the table until everyone is done; eat everything on your plate; no singing at the table; hold your fork right; arms are not to touch the table; waiting for all the food to be served when food gets cold; eating with mouth closed; no talking; eat dessert last; chew before you swallow; remain seated while eating - now that's just crazy!; talking while eating; eating slowly; having to eat with people you don't like

What aspect of "the good ol' days" would you like to see return today?
married moms & dads; playing outside in the dark; a mother to take care of me; parent discipline; spankings in school; respect and good manners; kindness; no wrinkles; decent shows on TV; being able to leave your front door open at your house and not have to worry about it; less gray hair; respect for teachers; no Facebook; moms and dads married to each other; drive-in theaters; more energy; respect for elders; having to get off the sofa to change the channels; privacy; bad language not on TV; discipline; more family shows; no stupid reality shows on TV; real muscle cars like big block drag racers; values; everyday common courtesies; back patio sitting and visiting; swinging on the porch; worth ethics; 25-cent gas; my mom; parents taking good responsibility in their kids' lives; family eating dinner together; no technology; real movies; kids playing outside all day until the lights come on at night; less cussing

What job did you have before you became an educator?
wrangler at a dude ranch; cost accounting; tech; hospice social worker; receptionist; pizza cook & waiter; professional student; child nutrition worker; landscaping; engineer; business owner; camp counselor; hard laborer; secretary; mother; student; postal service; assistant city manager; claims adjuster; cashier; secretary; retail at JC Penney; housekeeper; liquor store; realtor; radio disc jockey; caterer; security specialist at NASA; computer operations manager; rancher; team roper; horse trainer; food service; machinest; grocery store clerk; lab tech; bank vault teller; CPA; lawyer

On a long car ride, what do you like to listen to?
Books, radio mix, country; nothing slow; XM Radio variety; upbeat music; Christian or country; kids movies playing from backseat; my kids singing; silence; 40s and 50s music; rock; Kanye West; classic rock; anything I can sing to; books on tape; JayZ; iPod; everything; alt rock or progressive rock; NPR; talk radio; Buju Banton, King Yellomen, Tupac, old school rap and reggae; John Denver

What would you like to learn today?
Project Share; SMART Board; incorporate Math lessons; iPad; Anything!; Something I will remember for 3 months; how to be palooza; a little bit of everything; need to get my techie mojo back; how to win an iPad; technology fun and kool tools; anything my tired brain can retain; I want to learn it all!; techie info; Google; more tricks; how to protect my ID online; about my gadgets; quickest way to email parents in groups; interactive SMARTboard lessons; my 6 hours!

Our Media Streams:

Live Streaming on Video - only the large group sessions in the library were filmed but they are all on
Twitter tag: #kisdtechpalooza

Keynote Smackdown resources:
1. Stella shared Flip Camera videos (no link due to private student info) - Flip camera site
2. Mary Lynn shared Prezi and her campus "book trailer" on Donuthead
3. John Mein shared Livebinders
4. Wade Ivy shared the link to all the TCEA conference materials and the shared resources for iPODs and iPADs - separate spreadsheets
5. Greg Ahrent shared MathFactcafe.comand - wide variety of math worksheets, downloadable and free

iPlayground Notes:
Apps everyone should have: Pandora; Dragon Search; Teacher Assistant; Dragon Dictation
Social Studies Apps: Historical Marker, Info Apps; Show of Hands; TED; Louvre App; Viator Ultimate Experience Guide
Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary Apps: Shakespeare Pro; Idioms; Allen Prep for SAT; Penultimate; Poetry Foundations; Essay Czar Workstation; Phrasal Verbs
Science Apps: The Elements; Molecules; NASA; Star Walk; 3D Brain
Music, Photo, Video and Productivity Apps: Virtuoso; Drum Beats; Touch Chords